We utilize the most advanced digitization equipment to ensure the best quality preservation and digitization. Our capture strategies can easily be tailored to fit into nearly any business process.






Information Capture involves collection of paper documents and, transforming them into accurate, retrievable, digital information, and delivering the information into business applications and databases for immediate action. By converting paper documents into digital format through scanning, companies can convert paper into image formats such as TIF and JPG and also extract valuable index information or business data from the document using OnBase solution. Digital documents and associated metadata can easily be stored in the OnBase software in a variety of formats. This allows users to search for documents by using keywords in the metadata field. The goal for implementing a document capture solution is to reduce the amount of time spent in the manual processing of document, and produce metadata along with an image file. This information is then migrated into a document management solution. The DMS often provide a search function, allowing search of the document based on the produced metadata, and then viewed using software.