This is a new approach to working together on projects online which puts the document and its contents at the centre of the process. E-mail is an example of a collaboration tool which is not document-centric, because documents must be attached, comments are kept separate and can be easily lost if the email is then forwarded or replied to. Email also makes it hard to keep track of the most recent version of a document.

ViewPage Limited document-centric collaboration tool solve these problems and improve efficiency within businesses. Our document-centric collaboration tool also include additional features, such as the ability to integrate into Microsoft Office and SharePoint. The ability to collaborate has become more and more necessary with an increasingly mobile workforce and in an increasingly globalised world where even smaller companies will have offices and clients positioned all over the world. In the globalised world, document-centric collaboration makes sure that there is no divorce between comments and the document and avoids the confusion that lesser technologies have incurred often in the past.