Nitax Payroll Software

Nitax Payroll Software

  • September 6, 2017

NITAX PAYROLL OUTSOURCING SERVICES Nitax payroll outsourcing services (NPOS) is an established, reliable and secure payroll outsourcing provider to organizations of all sizes and market sectors. Using NPOS and a team of qualified professionals will improve organizationals productivity by eliminating the complex and time consuming tasks associated with payroll and enable businesses to focus on their core activities. Key benefits of NPOS: We analyse your requirements and then formulate a service that is individually tailored to best suit your needs and requirement. Our continuous feedback process ensures that we keep in touch with the growing needs of your business. Accurate and timely staff salaries, staff tax computation and allowances, overtime, relevant deductions and gross net pay. Credit staff and pensioner bank account in any commercial bank. Delivering on a monthly basis comprehensive pay slip to each staff Delivering on a monthly basis comprehensive payslip to each member Remit pension fund to PFAs Monthly contributions to cooperatives and union, etc. Efficient Payroll Outsourcing Service Outsourcing services are backed by professionally trained Nitax payroll software which is constantly under review and updated in line with statutory obligations and accordingly to the changing needs and expectations of our clients. This completely alleviates the onerous burden of ever changing legislation. Confidentially is of utmost importance when processing your payroll.


  • Human Resoures
  • Handles monthly,weekly or daily paid employees
  • Overtime
  • Pension Management
  • Nigeria tax Management
  • Commision Agents
  • Transfer to Banks
  • Loan and Salary management
  • Security Features


  • Speed in processing
  • Accuracy in processing
  • Timely generation of payroll reports and slips
  • Payee computation